The K101 Podcast for 6-Feb-2019

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Here’s this week’s show with Syn in the Hot Seat for the K101 Podcast!!!

If you can’t stick around to watch the video version, we like to remind you that you can catch all of our previous episodes by listening on Stitcher or iTunes.

Well, let’s just say that the recorded shows are turning out to be the “the party show” as many on the K101 staff continue to imbibe and step all over one another as the night goes on.

In this episode, @syn_kitty joins @Mr. NVT and eNVy in-studio about being an alternative model, rope bunny, fire performer, polyamory enthusiast, and why she embraces the moniker all around mood-driven sexual deviant.

Oh, and we discovered @scottchurch had been sleeping under the tables in our studio for a week.

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