The K101 Podcast for 9-January-2019

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Welcome to another edition of the NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast! CLICK HERE to see this week’s show on YouTube! (Note: The live video file for this week’s show was compromised approx 17m 40s into the initial broadcast, which caused the video / audio channels to become unsynchronized by about 5 seconds. There’s no fixing it. Mr. NVT tried, repeatedly. Our apologies.)

That said, listening to the podcast on Stitcher and iTunes eliminates the problem of video. 😉

Tonight we talk about consent. Particularly, can – and if so, how – do some submissives process past traumas through BDSM and fetish lifestyles; and how as a community, do Dominants handle those obstacles, be it casual scenes at play parties, or through long-term relationships?

Then we dive (again?) into the constantly evolving subject of A.I., how it intertwines with ever-growing sex technologies, and how together they might (will?) be shaping our bedroom and dating cultures.

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