The K101 Podcast for Valentine’s Day 2018

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Yup, it’s that day… that Hallmark card day of a holiday.  The made-up day where we’re all supposed to gush over our significant other, and make the day all about them…

But here’s the rub for eNVy and I, it’s a “secret,” so don’t tell anyone.  Let’s keep this one between us:

…we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I know, it’s hard to believe, what with how much we’re in love with one another – but it’s the truth.  We don’t like it.  Not even a little bit.

But hey, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. (Link goes live at 6:50pm EST.)

You tell us why we should, and we’ll have a healthy debate as to why we don’t.  Plus, we have a few surprises planned for the show tonight, and an announcement!  Show starts at 7pm, don’t be late!