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Mr. NVT – Host.

Husband, Father, Dominant, Rigger, Photographer, Entrepreneur, Divemaster, Debauchery Ringleader. Talks WAY Too Much. Partially Made Of Spiced Rum. Occasionally Full Of Badassery – But Mostly Full Of Bullshit.

eNVy – Co-host.

Wife. Mother. submissive. Bi-Sexual. Sexy Geek. Diver. Skier. Dirty Girl. Gets WAY TOO MANY Dick Pics In Her Inbox. Likes Being Tiny. Constantly Exhausted From Being Chased Around Bedroom By A Tuna Can.

SAL – Executive Producer,

Sound Engineer w/37 Years of Concert Experience, Head Barnyard Wrangler, All-Around Good Dude. Had Johnny Ramone Throw A Guitar At Him. (Probably For a Legit Reason, Though.) Constantly Trying To Produce The Show Naked. #KeepClothesOnSal

KMFDMike – Content Producer

From the German phrase “Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid” meaning “No Pity For the Majority”. K101’s resident Philosopher, Psychologist (*not really,) and Historian all wrapped up into a Switch with a Theater and Technical Theater background. Always evolving. Likes Searching For Orion’s Belt While Drinking, and Walks Dog In The Nude.

Wallstreet – Producer

Polyamorous Submissive. Likes Cats More Than People. K101’s “Technically Correct Man”. Has Kerosene In Car Just For Facebook Debates.

Syn – Assistant Producer.

K101’s Resident 100% Mood-Driven Sexual Deviant. Cuckoldress, Rope Bunny, SW+, Non-Mono, Slut.

CirceInKnots – Assistant Producer.

From the Greek goddess, not the incestuous murderess. Switch. Feminist/Humanist. Researcher and Naughty Librarian. K101’s Resident Director of Legalese. Occasional Caller-out of Bullshit.

Chapin – Interactive Prodcer.

Smiles And Nods At Microphone When Introduced Off-Camera. Hates Writing These Bios. Gets One Anyway.

Veritas – Video Producer.

Musically Talented. Has A Voice That Can Soak Panties and (On Occasion) Will Create a Hard Dick In Studio Without Appropriate Notice. Should Come With A Warning Label.

His Happy Pet – Assistant Producer.

Refrains From Wearing Panties In Studio Due To Veritas’ Voice.

BeerKitten – Audio Production

Voice-Over Extraordinaire, Cunning Linguist, Exhibitionist, and Resident Podcast Fluffer. Often Found Stroking Cock While Reading, Studying, or Being Creative. Loves Rubs, Naps, and Being Spoiled After a Long Day On Her Knees.