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Mr. NVT – Host.

Husband, Father, Dominant, Rigger, Photographer, Entrepreneur, Divemaster, Debauchery Ringleader. Talks WAY Too Much. Partially Made Of Spiced Rum. Occasionally Full Of Badassery – But Mostly Full Of Bullshit.

eNVy (In Memoriam) – Co-host.

Wife. Mother. submissive. Bi-Sexual. Sexy Geek. Mr. NVT’s Daily Inspiration. Diver. Skier. Dirty Girl. (Still) Gets WAY TOO MANY Dick Pics In Her Inbox. Liked Being Tiny. Was Constantly Exhausted From Being Chased Around Bedroom By A Tuna Can. A Partner Who Is Sorely Missed. Every. Single. Day. 11/1971 – 4/2020

Fetish Model Emily Rose

Fetish Model. Artist. Polyamorous. Rope Enthusiast. Mostly Submissive. Babygirl. Sometimes Switch and Femme Domme. Ink all over. Advocate for model safety and learning all things kink.

Wallstreet – Producer

Polyamorous Submissive. Likes Cats More Than People. K101’s “Technically Correct Man”. Has Kerosene In Car Just For Facebook Debates.

KMFDMike – Content Producer

From the German phrase “Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid” meaning “No Pity For the Majority”. K101’s resident Philosopher, Psychologist (*not really,) and Historian all wrapped up into a Switch with a Theater and Technical Theater background. Always evolving. Likes Searching For Orion’s Belt While Drinking, and Walks Dog In The Nude.

CirceInKnots – Assistant Producer.

From the Greek goddess, not the incestuous murderess. Switch. Feminist/Humanist. Researcher and Naughty Librarian. K101’s Resident Director of Legalese. Occasional Caller-out of Bullshit.

Chapin – Video Producer.

Smiles And Nods At Microphone When Introduced Off-Camera. Hates Writing These Bios. Gets One Anyway.

SAL – Executive Producer,

Sound Engineer w/37 Years of Concert Experience, Head Barnyard Wrangler, All-Around Good Dude. Had Johnny Ramone Throw A Guitar At Him. (Probably For a Legit Reason, Though.) Constantly Trying To Produce The Show Naked. #KeepClothesOnSal

Syn – Assistant Producer (Hiatus)

K101’s Resident 100% Mood-Driven Sexual Deviant. Cuckoldress, Rope Bunny, SW+, Non-Mono, Slut.

BeerKitten (In Memoriam) – Audio Voice Production

Voice-Over Extraordinaire, Cunning Linguist, Exhibitionist, and Resident Podcast Fluffer. Often Found Stroking Cock While Reading, Studying, or Being Creative. Loves Rubs, Naps, and Being Spoiled After a Long Day On Her Knees.