The Late Post for the Show of 29-Nov-2017

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So yeah, as most of you probably saw / heard / experienced, Microsoft had a pretty major update recently – and it caused a delay starting the show on time.  Not just a delay, mind you; but a flat-out MISS on getting this show post up before we actually went live.

THAT SAID, the show was only late by about 5 minutes, and for all intents and purposes, (save for the first 20 minutes of those of us in the studio having no access to the chat on Periscope or access to the Skype computer to take calls)the show went off without a hitch.

So if you missed it – here’s the link to this week’s show.

Or you could bookmark Mr. NVT’s Twitter Page, and the link to the feed is posted when the show goes live.

This week’s show was a blast, with KMFDMike, OrchidFyre, Wallstreet, Pretty Tied Up, and His Happy Pet joining us in studio, while Mr. AnnAndAlan, BeerKitten, Mr. BeerKitten, and Veritas called in on Skype.

We covered two articles during tonight’s podcast:

The first is from The Economist, a fascinating look into who we are – plays a very large role in determining what we believe is considered crossing the line when it comes to sexual harassment.

The second is a good read from GOMAG on how some trauma survivors use BDSM as a healing tool.  We highly recommend reading it.  🙂

Two tiny bits of housekeeping before we leave you for the week.  Starting with the podcast this coming Wednesday (6-December-2017,) K 101 and the staff will be doing a bi-weekly show.  Week on / week off.  We’re hoping it will bring a rise of quality to the show, as well as give us a break when it comes to the holiday season.  For those of us who try to go to our local munch faithfully – it makes for an easier schedule as we’re not out two weeknights back to back.

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