The NonVanillaTryst K 101 Podcast for 9-May-2018

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Happy Humpday Kinksters!

Click here for this week’s show, which will kick off at 7 PM! (Link redirects around 6:50 PM as we get into the pre-show.)  Remember – someone reported our show to YouTube for “community standards violations” and they deleted our channel, so we’re back on Periscope while we work out how the new servers are going to look.


This week on the K101 Podcast, you’ll see we’ve made some changes.  We took down the all black background we had been using and put up a K101 logo on the plain white wall.  There are also a few new production elements that you’re going to hear and see on the show.  Sal, eNVy, and I have been working hard during the last month to really take YOUR show to the next level.  We hope you appreciate all the hard work, and love the feedback you’ve been giving us!


Special thanks to all of our current (and our past) patrons on Patreon, and anyone who has purchased toys from our affiliates after visiting them from our page!  It’s YOUR support that has enabled us to make this progress!  If you haven’t done so already – click the banner below and consider a minor monthly donation to support the NonVanillaTryst Podcast.  We do our best to create a web space for new people to the lifestyle(s) to listen, explore, and learn what you need – so they can feel comfortable finally joining us in the community.  We were all nervous and new at one point, right?



Tonight, we’re going to start with talking about those few changes, and others that you’re going to see in the upcoming weeks; then we’ll kick things off as we usually do, with the online munch.  If you’d like to call into the show – please do so!  Of course, when you call in you may remain anonymous.  Discretion is something we take very seriously.  We’d love to hear what new kinky experiences you have had since we were last together two weeks ago!  Most people call in using Skype: just add “Mr. NVT” to your contact list and hit us up with an audio call when we open the lines.  (Shoot us a message first if you’d like for us to use any particular name when you call in, or if you want to remain anonymous.)  If you’d like to use the studio landline, you’re welcome to do that as well!  If we’re not live, and you wanted to leave us a message, you can do that too!  (717.925.0603)


After we get through the online munch, we have plans to dig in a bit on BDSM and the Law.  In particular, we’re going to address what’s legal and what’s not in the Commonwealth of PA, and why we don’t have many private BDSM clubs around here.  We also have plans to tackle the FOSTA / SESTA laws, and the arguments for both sides.


Finally – have we ever got a K101 Adult Toy Review for you this week!



You see, last Thursday at Date Night – Sal delivered to eNVy and I a toy he teased about during the last show, called Lush.  It’s a WiFi enabled, insertable, waterproof, fully-adjustable / customizable bullet vibrator, by Lovesense; – operated by smartphone.  We couldn’t wait to get it home and try it out.  Just wait until you hear the multiple stories we have about it.

Full disclaimer: When we received the Lush from Sal, we were NOT affiliates.  Then we played with the toy over the course of about 4 days, and really gave it a workout.  Afterward, making this decision was a no-brainer.  We are affiliates now.  You’ll hear why when you tune in tonight.