The NonVanillaTryst K101 Podcast for 27-Feb-2019

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PROGRAMMING NOTE: Due to a technical issue – we did NOT have an opportunity to do a LIVE show on Wednesday night. In addition, there ended up being “a little nudity” during the show – and we needed to get a little editing done – but the podcast WILL be posted later tonight.

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This week we have a few things to get through.

First, we’re going to talk to the COO of KinkBnB, Ryan Galiotto. He’s going to let us know what Kink BnB is, what it isn’t, how it started, and how it’s helping connect people in the BDSM and Fetish communities.

That conversation will make a decent segway to revisit the unfinished conversation KMFD Mike, Syn, and Mr. NVT led about “Invitations to Clubs and Private Parties, and the differences in appropriate etiquette for each,” way back on 13-Feb-2019.

Finally, Wallstreet has a new toy that he’d like to offer up as an entry in our ongoing “the K101 – Adult Toy Review.” It’s a MINI-TENS unit for under $10 on Wish, and he uses it on his PENIS. (Full disclosure – we get no commission or affiliate perks / bonuses for sales from that link.)

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