The Show with a Special Message…

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…directed to the COWARD who reported last week’s show for nudity and sexual content, subsequently killing the live feed by YouTube 3.5 hours into the episode.

Friends, you DEFINITELY won’t want to miss our message on this one.  (Check back here!  Link goes live at 6:45 PM)

What’s the content, you ask?  What topics are we going to cover?  Well, all I can confirm with certainty is that we’re going to have another AMA episode right after the online munch.

What’s AMA?  We’re glad you asked…  ASK ME (or in our case, us) ANYTHING.

Yup.  Anything.  No topic off limits, no holds barred.  We’ll answer as honestly as I can (of course without implicating others by name.)  You can Skype into the show using “Mr. NVT” as your contact.

Use this time wisely to come up with the best questions you can think of.  We’ll kick this thing off at 7pm.

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