Tonight’s Show! 10-May-2017

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Hi all!

We think we have a fantastic show lined up for tonight!  Through reaching out to our audience, and feedback received, we’re planning on a great conversation about Scene Etiquette, be it in the Swinger Clubs, in the Dungeon,  or simply at a private play party.

We’ll also have Sex and BDSM In the News, where we have a few articles that really struck a cord with us.

I expect we’ll be taking calls tonight too, so that should be fun as well!  🙂

Joining us in studio are KMFDMike, OrchidFyre, Wallstreet, His Happy Pet, and TheDollisTrouble.

We’ve made some upgrades this past week to the studio, so – we’re keeping fingers crossed – that everything goes off tonight without a hitch!