Tonight’s Show!

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It’s humpday!  And being humpday, that means it’s time for Mr. NVT and eNVy to travel north and join Sal in Matchgrade Studios for another K 101 podcast this evening at 7 pm!  (You know, barring any technical catastrophe that might be lurking nearby in the dark, waiting until 6:45 pm to present itself.)

Scheduled guests in studio tonight are Wallstreet, Pretty Tied Up, TheDollIsTrouble, KMFDMike, and OrchidFyre.

Due to a lot of web traffic and feedback, our main show segment will cover Swinging and Poly lifestyles – along with the similarities and the differences between the two.   We will also discuss many of the common activities and social queues that you’ll probably encounter if you’re just starting out.

Afterwards, we’ll have our weekly segment for Sex and BDSM In the News, which always sparks a great discussion, and (if we have time) maybe take a few callers!

Speaking of – if you are calling into the show – our current preferred method is using SKYPE.  Mainly because we can have multiple callers at once.  We only have one Google Voice line coming into the studio, and if we accept a second caller – the current caller gets automatically disconnected.   Search for  Mr. NVT to your Skype contacts, and add us!  Sending us a message via the chat window with what’s on your mind before calling in, helps us out tremendously.   🙂