Upcoming Topics for Wednesday, April 19 Show!!

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Current Segment Plans are:

TheDollisTrouble is planning on being in studio for the entire show.  That, in and of itself, would make for some great conversation; but I believe she’s trying to bring one of her Vanilla partners.  Hoping she can, so we get to have a discussion about how we as Kinksters, might look through their lens.

-PrettyTiedUp- is joining us for the first time too!  I’m guessing she is tired of waiting for -wallstreet- to come home when we keep him out so late.  Or maybe she’s coming to just keep him in line.

KnottyDesires is also planning on coming back to hang out with us.  This past week she posted something very compelling in a group forum online – and we felt it’s going to be a great topic to dive into.

We asked ZorroDaddy if he minded stopping by to help dispel some myths about the ABDL Community.  If you wanted more information on his books – hit him up on Twitter, where you can find him and all his publications.

We’ll have our weekly Sex and BDSM In the News segment, which will cover an article pointed out to us by Samanthajane, as well as another one from -wallstreet-.  We’ll go over a new feature on the website, touch on our affiliate page, and maybe even have a new “imaginary sponsor” (or two?) – if we can get the audio production done in time with the help of KMFDMike.  LOL

While potentially having a vanilla as a guest in studio, and for the new listeners we’re getting every week, we figured it might be a good time to get into what the D/s dynamic IS vs. what it might look like to an outsider – or even someone who is just starting to explore the BDSM lifestyles.  We *all* can identify with how scary those first few steps can be.

 …and finally – we might open the discussion as to what our first K 101 Fetish Workshop is going to look like.

Lots to look forward to!  Do be sure to chime in below in the comments section if you have suggestions for these topics you’d like to see us touch on this week!