Wednesday Night’s Segment Topics! May 17th, 2017

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This week, we’re going to dive into some “Gender Equality” issues – particularly the differences between men and women when it comes to public nudity and disorderly conduct laws.   Yup, you guessed it.  We’re talking about Women’s Breasts, their Nipples, and getting those girls out in public, if you like.

Here’s the GoTopless website – so you can see if your state falls into the category of free boobs – and what some of the pitfalls are – should you decide to test the idea and take the girls out for a walk in public.

Also, I believe OrchidFyre is going to be joining us for a very interesting Sex and BDSM in the news segment – concerning toys.  While we can discuss what your favorite toys are, we’re going to take things to the extreme and discuss what sex toys look like in the future!

For example, HERE’S A SEX DOLL for men, with artificial intelligence… with an article and accompanying video lasting roughly 4 minutes…

AND IT’S MALE COUNTERPART (sans smarts) … A YouTube video with an in-depth look at why women would want a sex-doll, and how realistic they are with its interchangeable parts.  Video courtesy the website Vice, and comes in just under 18 minutes.

I’ll have eNVy in a different corset this week, considering the news topics along with all the positive comments we received last week.  😉  Want a preview?