We’re BACK!!!

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After a long and well-deserved week off, we plan to have the whole crew back for tonight’s show!

-Wallstreet-, KMFDMike, OrchidFyre, The Doll Is Trouble, Tiberous, and Pantalones Descarado are all scheduled to be in the studio!

His Happy Pet is in Argentina with Veritas, and maybe we’ll get lucky enough to have a call-in from them to see how the last week has been.  (If their Twitter accounts are any indication, I suspect they could easily be having too much fun to make their way to a computer – and I wouldn’t blame them!)

NonVanillaTryst Studios and the K 101 Podcast!  (link goes to channel page and will be redirected to the actual show right after the feed goes live just before 7 PM.)

Currently slated are the online munch, an article about what is considered cheating in the digital age, and eNVy is even considering giving a live tutorial on her take on Kim Kardashian’s taping of the boobs.   You’ll get a first-hand look at how she tapes the girls up so she can wear those sheer and deep plunge dresses that make bra wearing impossible.

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See you at 7pm!